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About PPA International

Founded in 1994, PPA International, Inc. is a leader in the computer component and peripheral industry.  PPA Int'l offers time-tested products, using the latest in innovation and design, such as External Hard Drive Enclosures, PCMCIA Products, Cables, HDMI Switches, Card Readers, Add-On Cards, Hubs, USB 3.0 Components as well as the all new Omni Lighting Systems™.  PPA Int'l offers high quality products that meet or exceed industry standards, without all the hype and expense!

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Who are we?

Founded in 1994, PPA International, Inc. quickly became a leader in the computer hardware and peripherals industry. Using cutting edge high speed SMT tooling and plastic injection machines, PPA is able to offer its clientelé quality, time-tested products using the latest in innovation and design technology. .

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